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This journal is for anyone who lives in or cares about Edinburgh. As well as a discussion forum on Edinburgh issues, it is also a source of local information.

We’ve been here a while, so there is a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for in the catalogued memories, or can be found using the search form below:

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There are also many related communities for specific interests in the city:
  • alt_edinburgh : for the alternative music community in Edinburgh
  • arthurs_seat : encouraging people to climb Arthur's Seat and anything else related to it
  • bdsm_edinburgh : for discussions relating to the BDSM community in Edinburgh
  • edgar_society : for the Edinburgh Goth and Rock (university) society
  • edin_postgrads : for post-graduate students in Edinburgh
  • edin_recipes : for recipe swaps with Edinburgh people
  • edin_roleplay : for Edinburgh gamers
  • edin_students : for students in Edinburgh's universities and colleges
  • edinb_writers : for Edinburgh people who love writing
  • edinbleeders : for people giving blood in Edinburgh
  • edinburgh_pics : for pictures of/relating to Edinburgh
  • edindiscuss : for random discussion, particularly of things that aren't on-topic for edinburgers
  • edinfestivals : for discussions relating to the various festivals that happen in Edinburgh
  • glasburgers : for people 'caught between Glasgow and Edinburgh'
  • heriottwatt : for Heriot-Watt University
  • napier_uni : for Napier University
  • qmuc : for Queen Margaret's University College
  • scotsactivist : for political activism in Scotland
  • temp_scotland : for agency workers in Scotland
  • u_of_edinburgh : for The University of Edinburgh
  • overheard_edin : for funny, silly, stupid, or just plain intriguing snippets of conversation you catch in or around Edinburgh

These feeds are syndicated from outside of LiveJournal, and can provide more information about what's going on in and around the city.

And on the rest of the internet...
  • Freecycle : For giving away and getting free things in the Edinburgh area

The serious bit:

Be polite!

Please, no abusive or off-topic posting.

By abusive posting, we mean personal attacks, trolling, homophobic, racist, sexist remarks and so on. Anyone being abusive will be warned, kicked or banned depending on frequency and severity of offences.

Off-topic posting is discussion unrelated to Edinburgh (or at least things that might affect us). if you want to find people that live in the area who are interested in something, that's fine. If you want to discuss non-Edinburgh issues in a wider forum of local people, edindiscuss has been set up specifically for this.

Please use lj-cut if your post is too long or includes images.

Posts to one person are strongly discouraged. Please be aware that a fair few people have this community on their friends-list and won't want to read your personal messages.

Please don't delete comments on your posts. If people leave anything you find offensive, let the moderators know and we'll handle it. This applies especially to posts advertising things; if you can't handle discussion of what you're advertising, don't post it here.

It is reasonable to delete your own comments for the purposes of formatting and spelling. If you change your mind about a comment for any other reason, and it has not yet been responded to, then please freeze the comment and re-post explaining your change of heart. If it has already been responded to, then it must stand.

Any clarification of these guidelines can be provided by the moderators on request.

A ‘mod userpic’ will always be used to demonstrate that we are posting or commenting in that capacity. The rest of the time, we’re acting as normal community members. We won’t normally moderate any discussion that we were already involved in.

If you are unhappy with the decision of a moderator, please refer to a second moderator immediately rather than arguing the toss. We are only human, so do occasionally make mistakes.

The current moderators are guyinahat (edinburgersmod at guyinahatdotcom), silverclear (silverclear @ and wibbble (wibbble @

We will try to deal with your issues at the first opportunity, but please bear in mind that employment sometimes precludes a fast response.

Be polite!

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