lovelybiscuit (lovelybiscuit) wrote in edinburgers,

Sri Lanka Currency Exchange in Edinburgh


Probably a long shot but I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere in Edinburgh where it is possible to change Sri Lankan (LKR) ruppees into GB pounds? Sri Lanka has a closed currency so it is rare to find anywhere in the UK where you can convert it... (though I believe still possible some places?)

I have recently returned from Sri Lanka and was hoping that I would be able to spend the rest of my rupees in the airport departure lounge or exchange it there (having been misinformed that this would be possible) - however many of the places in the departure lounge only took US dollars and there was nowhere to change money that I found. Anyone got any tips?

Alternatively are there any Sri Lankans on this list / anyone planning a visit to Sri Lanka who would be interested in exchanging the ruppees with me for GB pounds?

Thank you
Tags: currency
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