chandrama (chandrama) wrote in edinburgers,

My Airbnb listing for budget-conscious (but nice!) visits to Edinburgh

Tags: accommodation, b&b, low cost
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I might object to the blatant SEO-phrased links, but LJ links are all rel=nofollow anyway, so there's no SEO benefit from anything posted here anyway. :D
Just looked up SEO - OK, I understand. This was just the Airbnb-supplied "embed your listing" HTML.

If I've broken a rule by advertising, of course, happy to remove the post.

All best...
Ah, AirBnB have 'optimised' your listing's language to encourage Google to rank it higher for terms people are likely to search on, but the way links work on LiveJournal mean that Google's ignoring them anyway.

We used to be fussier about ads, but frankly, I doubt anyone cares any more. :D I only noticed this post because I still get email notifications when there's a new post.
OK - cheers. :-)
Ooh, we're always looking for interesting (and cheap) places to stay in Edinburgh when we go to visit friends and family. Looks lovely. I've bookmarked it...

Hope to be able to welcome you here some time.
I started listing my place in AirBnB too. That was the first move, then I added my place in others like homeaway booking expedia etc.

I use my livejournal to keep me motivated as the work to is not hard but can be sometimes boring